kentoya shrunkKentoya Bolton, Executive Office Manager. Kentoya Alicia Bolton comes to Rowland Legal from the US Army, where she handled assembly and distribution of supplies as well as accounting. She holds a degree from Troy University in Criminal Justice. Her e-mail address is Her office phone number is 678-719-2114.


NathanielNathaniel James Rowland, Psychological Consultant. Nathaniel Rowland holds a BS in Psychology from North Georgia College and an MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from UT Chattanooga. He is called in for high-stakes cases to analyze adverse parties, witnesses, judges, and others. He may advise the firm regarding questioning, presentation, and settlement negotiations. He can be reached directly at

Attorneys We Refer Clients To

alex brownAlex Brown, Esq. Real Estate Closings and Loan Modifications. Most people buying a home or negotiating a refinance find the legal wrangling to be both absurd and mystifying, and ask if Rowland Legal can do their closing. If you want us to do your closing, we most certainly can–Brown will prepare the documents and Rowland Legal can show up at your door with a smile and blue pens to sign hundreds of sheets of paper (and answer any questions you unearth within those hundred or so sheets). Call us in advance if you want our perspective on interest rate movements of late. Alex Brown is a partner at Bagwell & Associates and can be reached at (678) 528-1908 and