Rowland Legal combines the best of the small town lawyer with the advances of the modern economy.

Kentoya Bolton

Kentoya Bolton, Office Manager

In the “old school” fashion, you can expect all the benefits that come with being only one of a handful of clients. I do not keep hundreds of faceless clients on the roster. If you need business contracts negotiated between Friday night and Monday morning by someone who knows your business, you can expect it.

For clients who are negotiating a real estate deal involving properties throughout the state, I was born and raised in the Georgia real estate industry. My school and work background included time at the Internal Revenue Service and a securities litigation firm, so in addition to the knowledge and talent needed to strike a deal, I have the same capacity to defend you in war.

My practice areas include:

  • Business
  • Civil litigation (litigation outside of criminal court)
  • Real estate (disputes, eminent domain, purchase, sale, etc.)
  • Securities (stocks, bonds, investments)
  • Taxation

If your life takes you into legal territory I do not typically handle, know that I work hard to maintain a network of skilled and trustworthy attorneys to handle anything that comes your way. So if you’re struck with questions regarding DUI, immigration, bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury, or anything else, expect me to listen, understand, and help you find the best lawyer from a network of lawyers I’ve spent years finding and evaluating.

Alex Rowland, Attorney

Alex Rowland, Attorney

Because I maintain only a few clients to whom I pay the utmost attention, and I live only a few miles from the hospital I was born, I know that the ethical bond to the client is of the utmost importance, and that reputation is never something to be toyed with for a quick buck. As Flannery O’ Connor wrote, when in Rome, do as you done in Milledgeville.

Beyond that, expect the best that modern technology brings to a law firm. You have online access to billing records, as they’re entered. Access via cell phone, and contract edits from an airport. Lastly, the cost savings that come from ditching the overhead of a traditional office overloaded with filing cabinets and bankers boxes. If you think you need a lawyer who will empathize, understand, and figure out your situation, then I can’t wait to work for you. Call me today at 404-862-6999, and see what you can expect from combining the southern solo with the cutting edge.

Alex Rowland