Flannery O’Connor wrote, “When in Rome, do as you done in Milledgeville.” This might seem like a strange philosophy to base a law firm around, but it has always felt like a convenient shorthand for mine.

Kentoya Bolton

Kentoya Bolton, Office Manager

When I embarked on the journey of a solo law firm in 2012, I decided I wanted to combine the best of the small shop lawyers whom I admired with the modern technology used by large law firms. There were plenty of lawyers happy to tell me that the larger firms would eventually bury us all with a one-two punch of in-house IT teams and 80-hour work-week associates.

Six years later, my most dangerous opponents in litigation have proven to be other Georgia natives and small firms populated with them.

I believe the reason for this is that lawyering is local. Your ability to make a deal or threaten a lawsuit turns on the other side knowing that you mean what you say. You need a knowledge of local court practice, a network of other attorneys, and a roster of experts. Your briefs and arguments at court are colored by the court’s past experience with your ethics and professionalism.

This is not so much something that I or anyone can say that they have, but rather, describe as a life-long pursuit. It is what I try to offer to every client, and potential client, who calls my office.

I practice primarily in eminent domain for condemning authorities, but I do devote part of my time to handling questions within a few other practice areas, including the preparation of wills and healthcare directives, taxation, securities, and complex real estate problems. My pro-bono and reduced-cost work has included or includes temporary protective orders (commonly called restraining orders) for victims of family violence, along with basic quality of life errata for trans and gender-non-conforming clients who need advice regarding life documents, wills, and the like. If you have any questions about what I can help you with, give me a call.

If your issue falls outside of my practice area, I am usually able to refer people to another lawyer in that area without cost.

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