Active Climbing Gym

$350 For a Basic Estate Planning Package

If you (or your children) are members at Active, then you’ll be happy to know that you can get a great deal on an estate package from Rowland Legal.  Alex Rowland climbed at Active while in law school, and his paralegal Sean Hribal still climbs there, so just ask Adrian to be introduced to Sean if he is in the gym somewhere bouldering.  Alternatively, you can call 404-862-6999 to speak with Alex.

What’s included in a basic estate package?

Rowland Legal can prepare for you a…


financial power of attorney, and an

advanced healthcare directive.

These documents sometimes go by other names, such as “living will” and “healthcare proxy.”

You also receive two, hour-long consultations by phone.  Please inquire about in-person consultations–these may require an extra fee in some situations, as Alex works mainly out of Milton.  The draft and final documents are delivered to you by e-mail, and you can print them and sign them at any location with a notary and witness services (e.g. a UPS store or bank).

What’s not included?

For high net-worth individuals (e.g. net worth of 2 million or more) it is generally better to engage a more complex estate plan.  Rowland Legal can do this for you as well, but these are priced according to the complexity of the plan.  Call for more details, and we can easily provide a quote.

Is there any fine print?

We will ask you some “threshold questions” about the complexity of your situation at the outset to make sure this is the kind of service you need.  A basic estate package might not be advisable for certain complex situations.