Contract Attorney

Solo-practitioners as well as small firms may not have the budget or workload to justify hiring a full-time associate, but wince at the thought of turning down big cases or sharing them with other firms.  Litigators often operate with a feast-or-famine work schedule.  You could hire a lawyer from a temporary placement agency, but you might not get the same lawyer six months later when your next big case comes through the door.

My office is a laptop and four cylinders. I have an actual room with a desk, but it's slower and a lot more beige.

If you would like to build up a relationship of common knowledge and trust with a talented lawyer who you seek to employ part-time, on your schedule, I can help you.  I have experience in litigation in a variety of areas, including bank and securities fraud, protective orders, FINRA arbitration hearings, tax court matters, and others (more information and a resume can be found here).  If you have a family to spend time with or for some other reason want to maintain your own schedule, consider the possibility of an ongoing working relationship with someone who can assist you when your workload gets too ferocious.  Alternatively, perhaps you want to handle large cases with the independence and cost savings of a permanent contract attorney for whom you do not need to buy an office.

Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions about the subject areas and specific types of work with which I can assist you.  For contract work, an hourly rate is preferred, but fixed rates can also be negotiated.  I do not use any form of contingency payment system when doing contract work, and a $500 retainer is generally required.  Although fees are negotiable, in order to give you an approximate rate for consideration, I charge $100 an hour for 20 hours.