Individuals or Businesses

I value the lawyer’s role in being able to pick up the phone and give an immediate response to the questions of an individual.  Although most lawyers and law firms will happily answer a phone call from most any individual and, at minimum, provide a referral to a lawyer or entity able to help, most of the population probably does not know this, and will dig through dismal pieces of poorly-written online legal advice written by non-lawyers before calling any law firm, likely fearing that a timer starts ticking for $500 an hour the moment the phone starts ringing.

Do not be afraid!

Although I am among the majority of lawyers willing to do this, I would like to reaffirm the fact that you can pick up the phone and simply call me to talk about any legal issue you have.  If I am in a position to assist you, I can walk you through my rates and how they would be charged.  If I am not qualified in the area you need assistance with, I can point you to the field of lawyers who practice in the area you need.  Again, the clock does not start ticking when the phone rings.

For individual clients and businesses, I practice in a wide variety of areas, with the notable exception of family law (this includes contested divorces and custody disputes).  If you would like more information about me, click here.  Lawyers have been pressured by practice coaches and market forces to stake a very narrow field of specialization, but I believe there is still room for a jack of all trades–a single matter, such as a will or trust, could demand a lawyer willing to delve into many fields, such as securities law, taxation principles, and real estate.  I specialize in my willingness to develop a relationship with you that serves all of your legal needs, however they intersect with business, personal or financial needs.  Your phone calls will be returned quickly, and you will never feel like you are just another client on an assembly line.

The fees I charge for individual clients vary based on subject matter and time involved.  Because part of a lawyer’s responsibility is to the community, I often provide advice to individuals with quick questions for less than what I charge to firms, and for particularly easy questions, oftentimes for free.  Thus, feel free to contact me.  (For the sake of having a tangible figure in mind, rates vary between $50 and $200 an hour depending on subject matter, with higher rates reserved for the matters I specialize in, like taxation.)

When contacting me or any other attorney for the first time, you should be aware that until the attorney agrees to it, you should not assume there is an attorney-client relationship or privilege. This means you should not e-mail or leave a voicemail with time-sensitive or confidential information when you are contacting a lawyer for the first time (in fact, unless the e-mail is encrypted, you should never send sensitive information via e-mail).  Thus, please only leave information on how you can be reached when contacting me for the first time, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

You can reach me via this contact page or by calling my cell phone at 404 862-6999.

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