Practice Areas

Attorneys have become more and more specialized, which in some respects has made finding a lawyer more difficult. If you’re not in a practice area we deal with frequently, we are happy to provide referrals. Just call or send an email.


Here is a representative list of the practice areas we deal in. Below that is a list of common practice areas we don’t practice in, but frequently give referrals for.

Eminent Domain

Eminent domain deals with the power of the state to take land for a public use. The “state” might instead be a utility company, or a county, or another entity.

Rowland Legal usually represents the condemning authority (the dark side!), but for that very same reason, we’re familiar with excellent eminent domain lawyers who we can refer you to.

Real Estate

Real estate is an extremely broad area. It may include HOA agreements, battles about zoning (and/or special use permits), closings, subdivision developments, nuisance claims, leases, eminent domain, etc. Real estate law dovetails with other practice areas frequently, including trusts, wills, and taxation. Some aspects of real estate law fall into very particular specializations, which we can help you figure out.

Wills, Probate, Trust, Gun Trust, Estate Law

Writing wills were my bread and butter when I started practicing alone, and I still take pride in making them affordable. “Probate law” refers to the area of law for handling the assets of a deceased person, whether those assets travel through a will or another mechanism.

This law includes the law governing gun trusts, which are used to acquire certain firearms and equipment, such as noise suppressors (also called silencers) and automatics.

This area of law also overlaps with tax law, as trusts and wills frequently interact with the tax code.

FINRA and Financial Advisor/Broker Negligence

FINRA arbitration deals with disputes involving the financial industry–a typical case would be an investor suing an invest firm after their investment advisor loots the money in their clients’ accounts and flees to an island (this happens). FINRA members may also sue each other, such as when brokers sue their own firms.

Business Law

If you want someone who can sympathize with the hurdles of starting your own business, it’s worth noting that you can hire a lawyer who has started his own business. Business law is also a very diverse area–as a litigation firm, we generally handle business disputes more often than business formation, but we sometimes give advice on the latter as well.

Personal Injury

Personal injury can be anything from a car accident to medical malpractice.


Accountants are often the better bet for day to day tax advice than a lawyer. Usually, lawyers are only called in to handle tax matters when a client wishes to take an unusual or aggressive tax position, or the client needs help making their real estate dealings, estate plan, trust, or something else fit into an ideal tax position. Most people aren’t going to set out to hire a lawyer as a tax lawyer, but tax advice will instead be part of their real estate deal or their will or something similar.

Common Areas of Law That We Usually Stay Out Of

It’s just as informative to know what we don’t handle as what we do handle!


We receive a lot of calls about family law (divorce, custody, child support, etc.), worker’s comp, DUI, criminal defense, patent law, and immigration–these are the most common areas of law that your average person will need a lawyer for, and for which we recommend you hire a specialist.

If you have no idea where to look for one, we’re happy to provide names of attorneys we’ve worked with.