KentoyaThe pricing culture of American lawyers has engendered a fear of sticker shock that prevents most clients from seeking legal help until they are desperate. Young lawyers entering the profession are taught in classes and by law practice coaches not to advertise their prices, as it prevents them from marking up prices for clients who can afford to pay a premium. The result: hiring a lawyer feels like haggling for prices at a bazaar.

Rowland Legal breaks the mold by posting its price ranges online. We know experience and skill is just as important as price, so you can read about managing partner Alex Rowland online. We also know that you can’t pay $5,000 for a contract on a deal with a $10,000 profit margin. We deliver both skill and recognition of what’s needed for your business.

Initial Consultation

Hour Consultation: $125

20-Minute Phone Call: Free

We are happy to field a twenty minute or less phone call on any subject, either to figure out if we can help you or direct you to a firm that can. Beyond that, there is a consultation fee of $125 for an hour. This fee is usually waived if you are referred to us by another lawyer. Give us a call to schedule a consult.


Non Trial Work: $100–$175 per hour.

Trial Work: $250 per hour.

Paralegal Time: $30 per hour.

High Volume Work: $75 per hour. (Minimum 20 hours per week, 2 or more months.)

Flat Rate Fees

Drafting of a Will, POA, and Healthcare Directive: $400–$1000

Creation of a Company: $1000-$2500

Drafting of a Contract $500-$2500

Georgia BOE (Board of Equalization) hearing: $800

Drafting of a Complaint: $1,500-$10,000

Contingency Fees

Rowland Legal specializes in questions related to business, real estate, securities, and tax. Only some of these cases can be handled on contingency (eminent domain and tax planning, for example) so a phone conversation is necessary to explain the fee set-up for these matters.

Billing Practices

Rowland standing

Rowland Legal is about transparency and choice.

Rowland Legal tracks time billed to retainers online–and lets clients see the record any time, 24/7. There’s no ominous threat of a letter coming in the mail with a month’s worth of surprise charges. Check the status of your retainer whenever you like. Changes to the record are time stamped, so you can be confident that the lawyer is not just punching in a bunch of hours at the end of the month based on memory and scribbled notes.

For most matters, clients enjoy the choice of choosing between a flat rate fee or an hourly rate. Ask for both, and choose the one that makes you the most comfortable.

Pay by check, or pay by credit card. (Sorry, but refundable retainers must be paid via check or cash.)

Payment is generally due upfront. Although plans to pay later are appealing, built into the price of those plans is the cost to the lawyer of clients who never pay, and thus, a cost we don’t have to pass on to you.